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Refereed Publications

Jack, B.K., Recalde, M.P. (2015)  Leadership and the voluntary provision of public goods: Field evidence from Bolivia.
Journal of Public Economics, 122: 80-93.   [PAPER] [APPENDIX]

Babcock, L., Recalde, M.P., Vesterlund, L., Weingart, L. (2017). Gender differences in accepting and receiving requests for tasks with low promotability. American Economic Review. 107:3, 714-47.    [PAPER] [APPENDIX]
Recalde, M.P., Riedl, A., Vesterlund, L. (2018) Error-prone inference from response time: The case of  intuitive  generosity in public-good games. Journal of Public Economics. 160:132-147.   [PAPER[ACCEPTED VERSION]

Menietti, M., Recalde, M.P., Vesterlund, L. (2018) Charitable giving in the laboratory: Advantages of the piecewise linear  public goods game. In Tonin, M., Scharf, K. (Eds.), The Economics of Philanthropy: Donations and Fundraising. MIT Press. [PAPER]

Other Publications

Babcock, L., Recalde, M.P., Vesterlund, L. (2017) Gender differences in the allocation of low-promotability tasks: The role of backlash. American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings
). 107:5, 131-35.   [PAPER] [APPENDIX]

Babcock, Linda, María P. Recalde, and Lise Vesterlund. (2018) Why women volunteer for tasks that don't lead to promotions. Harvard Business Review. July 16, 2018. [LINK]

Working papers

Efficiency in intrahousehold resource allocation and women's bargaining power
(Co-authored with Markus Goldstein, Kelly Jones, and Tricia Koroknay-Palicz)

Leadership and risk-taking:  A field experiment on the mechanisms underlying social influence
(Co-authord with Kate Ambler and Susan Godlonton)

Dishonesty, tolerance, and social information   [PAPER]
Work in progress

Intra-household dynamics and farm productivity: the effects of women's access to irrigated land rental and inputs (Co-authored with Markus Goldstein, Kelly Jones, and Tricia Koroknay-Palicz)
American Economic Association RCT Registry: AEARCTR-0001699 - In the field