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Refereed Publications

Jack, B.K., Recalde, M.P. (2015)  Leadership and the voluntary provision of public goods: Field evidence from Bolivia.
Journal of Public Economics, 122: 80-93.   [PAPER] [APPENDIX]

Babcock, L., Recalde, M.P., Vesterlund, L., Weingart, L. (2017). Gender differences in accepting and receiving requests for tasks with low promotability. American Economic Review. 107:3, 714-47.    [PAPER] [APPENDIX]
Recalde, M.P., Riedl, A., Vesterlund, L. (2018) Error-prone inference from response time: The case of  intuitive  generosity in public-good games. Journal of Public Economics. 160:132-147.   [PAPER[ACCEPTED VERSION]

Menietti, M., Recalde, M.P., Vesterlund, L. (2018) Charitable giving in the laboratory: Advantages of the piecewise linear  public goods game. In Tonin, M., Scharf, K. (Eds.), The Economics of Philanthropy: Donations and Fundraising. MIT Press. [PAPER]

Other Publications

Babcock, L., Recalde, M.P., Vesterlund, L. (2017) Gender differences in the allocation of low-promotability tasks: The role of backlash. American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings
). 107:5, 131-35.   [PAPER] [APPENDIX]

Babcock, Linda, María P. Recalde, and Lise Vesterlund. (2018) Why women volunteer for tasks that don't lead to promotions. Harvard Business Review. July 16, 2018. [LINK]

Working papers

Follow the leader?  A field experiment on social influence [PAPER]
(Co-authord with Kate Ambler and Susan Godlonton)

Efficiency in intrahousehold resource allocation and women's bargaining power
(Co-authored with Markus Goldstein, Kelly Jones, and Tricia Koroknay-Palicz)

Dishonesty, tolerance, and social information   [PAPER]
Work in progress

Women, task, allocations, and advancement in the labor market
(Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award)

Are there gender differences in willingness to override group decisions?
(with Joyce Guo)